A downloadable game for Windows

If you want to run two copies of the game you can connect to yourself.  TECHNOLOGY.

Just make sure to hit host on one then hit join on the other A SINGLE TIME.  Then hit start.

Send Me to Hell is currently a slime killing simulator.  In the future it will be a 4 player coop fast paced roguelite. 

WASD + Mouse

E to pick up weapons

Q to swap equipped weapons

Escape for menu.

Install instructions

Unpack it bro.


SendMeToHellDD26.7z 49 MB


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The game is pretty fun so far, the rooms sometimes don't run in the right way so you get stuck after going like 3 rooms, but its a really good start. One suggestion would be to have the character spawn in a safe room so that you don't die if rng made you spawn on a slime or something